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As a Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, a consultant that has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses and sales people increase their sales results from 15-85% consistently, and a bestselling author in the areas of sales, team building and personal development, Blair is uniquely qualified to help create fantastic results in your life and business, right now. No one else will give you the skills you need to become a closing superstar and lead your team to financial success as quickly or effectively as Blair Singer will.



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SalesDogs: You Don’t Have to Be an Attack Dog to Explode Your Income

sales-doginnerThe #1 skill for any entrepreneur or business owner is the ability to sell. Why?

Because sales = income.

Yet, many fail financially not because they do not have great ideas or even good work ethic, but typically because they don’t know how to, refuse to, are afraid to, or don’t think it is important to know how to sell.

SalesDogs was written as the very first of the Rich Dad Poor Dad “how-to” Advisory series to teach in a very fun and impactful way how to overcome the fears, the myths and the obstacles to selling your products, services or yourself. It then teaches a simple, time-proven process of selling that will generate great income in most any business. The reader will learn the five most important selling skills to master, how to overcome any objection, manage a territory and much more.

The book quickly de-bunks the idea that you have to be an overly aggressive “attack dog” to be successful. It uses the metaphor of “man’s best friend” to say that a great sales person is like a loyal, persistent and lovable canine. It stipulates that there are five different “breeds” or personalities of SalesDogs that can each make a lot of money by playing to its strength. You will learn how to identify, maximize and train to that strength and also how to teach others on your team to do the same.

While the book is fun and engaging, it also dives deep into the personal development issues that block a person’s ability to generate income and how to overcome them. The book is perfect for first time salespeople, individuals who are uncomfortable with the notion of “selling”, those who need to train others to sell and those who want to simply get better quicker.

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