The message is clear. In order to be rich and to succeed in business your number one skill is your ability to communicate, sell and teach others how to sell. Secondly, to build a successful business you have to know how to build a championship team that can win- no matter what. Blair Singer has helped increase the revenues of companies and individuals all over the world through giving them the secrets to implementing those critical components.

Blair’s work with thousands of individuals and organizations has allowed them to experience unparalleled growth, return on investment and financial freedom. The key to these results is leadership participation. If the owner or leader of an organization can sell and instill that spirit of ownership, accountability and team into the culture of the business, incomes soar. If they cannot, the result is failure.

As a facilitator of personal and organizational change, a trainer and a dynamic public speaker, what differentiates Blair Singer are instantaneous and sustainable results. His approach is one of high energy, intense and precise personal development and inspiration. His high impact approach and unique ability to get entire groups of people and organizations to change behaviors quickly, results in peak performance levels of achievement in extremely short periods of time.

In 2001, Blair Singer created SalesDogs®: a methodology that offers life-changing sales and communication success which has helped thousands worldwide to increase their incomes. This unique process identifies and magnifies the natural strengths of an individual or team and converts them into positive results, personal satisfaction and income.

Perpetuating the SalesDogs methodology globally, Blair founded and currently operates an international training franchise called SalesPartners Worldwide™. With franchises currently located across the United States, Canada and Australia, SalesPartners Worldwide delivers guaranteed success strategies that have helped thousands of individuals and businesses increase their income through building championship teams and increasing sales.

According to Robert Kiyosaki- best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad- sales, communication and building a championship team are the most important skills for success in business. Personally selected by Kiyosaki for his business team, Blair Singer is the author of two books in the best-selling Rich Dad’s Advisors™ series- SalesDogs - You Do Not Have to be an Attack Dog to be Successful in Sales, and The ABC’s of How to Build a Business Team That Wins.

Since 1987 Blair Singer has worked with tens of thousands of individuals and organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to groups of independent sales agents, direct sellers and small business owners to assist them in achieving extraordinary levels of sales, performance, productivity and cash flow. Blair has aconducted thousands of public and private seminars with audiences ranging in size from three to 300 to over 10,000. His clients typically experience sales and income growth of 34% to 260% in a matter of a few short months. His work spans over twenty countries and across five continents. Overseas he works extensively in Singapore, Hong Kong, SE Asia, Australia and around the Pacific Rim.

Blair was formerly the top salesperson for UNISYS and later a top performer in software sales, automated accounting sales and airfreight and logistics sales as a corporate employee and as an entrepreneur/business owner.

Other books include:

The ABC's of Building a Business Team That Wins® The Invisible Code of Honor That Takes Ordinary People and Turns Them into a Championship Team!

Building a Championship Team In Your Business™ The Secrets to Attract, Retain and Nurture a Team That Will Make a lot of Money!

Standing in the Heat - The Shortcut to Breakthrough Success in Every Area of Your Life.

Partial Client List:

Deutsche Bank
Redken Laboratories
ING Clarion
Singapore Airlines
JP Morgan
LA Weight Loss
Prudential Insurance
UPS Stores
Aegon Insurance
AmeriGroup Health Care
Mrs Fields Cookies
Millenium Hotels
Hong Kong-Shanghai,
Bank Corp. (HSBC)
World Financial Group
Dunkin’ Brands
Mandarin Hotels
Quixtar companies
Century 21
Diners World Travel
United Healthcare
CIBC - Canada
Pre-Paid Legal
United Overseas Bank
Motel 6, Inc.
Inter Securities Inc.
Siemens Medical Instruments
A.I.A. Insurance
Standard Chartered Bank
Westin Hotels
Gloria Jeans Coffee

Blair Singers Speaking Topics include:

• How to Increase Sales in Six Weeks or Less

• Five Steps to Unparalleled Financial Success in Business

• Secrets to Building a Championship Team

• Leadership Secrets

• Little Voice Management Systems™ - Winning the Battle of Your Own Brain Every Day

• Standing in the Heat – Shortcut to Breakthrough Success

• How to Build a #1 Sales Team

• How to Build a #1 Network Marketing Sales Team

• How to Lead, Teach and Inspire any Group

• Establishing a Code of Honor that Ensures Top Performance

• How to Deliver a Powerful Presentation

• How to Communicate to Your Strength

Contact Information:

5050 N. 40th Street, Suite 340
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
602-224-7791 office / 877-337-1700 toll free
602-224-3734 fax

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